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About Hybrid Cinema

We work with filmmakers, content creators, and production companies to build or expand their fanbase for their work’s release.

With over 30 years of production experience and led by world-renowned filmmaker Jon Reiss, author of Think Outside the Box Office, we use online marketing tactics community outreach and local partnerships with grassroots organization to help you connect with audiences and distributors who are right for your work.

Looking for a marketing or distribution strategist? We advise creators on all stages of content production, from development and fundraising through exhibition – all with an eye on your release and how best to reach your target audience.

“Without all the preparation that Jon had us undergo during post production, we would not have been equipped to make decisions on theatrical, digital, community and educational distribution. I would recommend [Jon] to anyone, no matter how green or how seasoned.”

– Sanjay Rawal, Director (Food Chains)

“Jon Reiss is a walking encyclopedia of Everything You Ever Needed to Know About Independent Filmmaking. He understands the increasingly complicated worlds of DIY and traditional distribution so that you don’t have to. He shows you how to strategize successful campaigns and maximizes the impact of your film. He’s smart and generous with what he knows and is worth every penny.”

– Director/Producer Sara Terry Folk, Fambul Tok

“After three years work on our feature documentary Living on One Dollar, we thought the hard part was finally over. We couldn’t have been more wrong. Jon guided us through the constantly shifting landscape of distribution. He helped us to first define our goals and then develop a phased strategy to accomplish them. In the end, our results together were tangible – from being the #1 documentary on iTunes, to being showcased on Netflix’s homepage banner. Most importantly we have been able to raise over $430,000 so far for poverty alleviation programs.”

– Chris Temple | Co-Founder and Director | LivingonOne

“Working with Jon Reiss and Hybrid Cinema was an amazing experience. I learned so much from working with them that it has changed my entire thought process about film distribution.”

– Bob Hercules, Director A Good Man, Maya Angelou and Still I Rise

“There are few consultants, in any field, who are primarily motivated by love — but in Jon’s case, it’s clearly his love of film that motivates him to do his work. He is a passionate, invaluable resource for filmmakers looking to find their audience.”

– Jeffrey Kusama-Hinte, Producer The Kids Are Alright, Thirteen, Laurel Canyon

“Jon gave us a comprehensive, customized plan for our film, on a fast turnaround. He generously made himself available at odd hours when we were negotiating a deal and needed a fast response. I now use his book as my bible.”

– Lisa Leeman, Director/Producer Awake, One Lucky Elephant

“Our talks with Jon during a time of tremendous change and growth for our company helped us build a path forward that honored our body of work and allowed us to dream bigger than we were comfortable doing for ourselves.”

– Producers Julie Keck & Jessica King, King is a Fink Productions

“After struggling to find representation for my film OFF THE RAILS, Jon connected me immediately with a sales agent who secured a fantastic deal for me. Jon helped me strategize my outreach to influencers and niche groups that ended up championing my film. Jon guided me through the daunting theatrical landscape with the wisdom and brutal honesty I needed as a first-time filmmaker.”

– Adam Irving, Director, Off the Rails

Our Services

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Consultation and Strategy

We’ll give you the guidance you need to find the best path for your content. We’ll help create a release strategy, taking into consideration your project and career goals, your audience and how best to reach them, as well as potential avenues for distribution.

Weighing different marketing or distribution options? We’ll help you decide.

Marketing and Distribution Engagement

After developing a customized strategy, we’ll supervise or join your team to manage the audience engagement process. In addition to our in-house social media team and preferred outreach managers we can bring on the right talent needed for a successful release, including theatrical bookers, publicists, graphic designers, editors, or others as needed.

We also facilitate online and offline partnerships, community outreach, local screenings, and other grassroots marketing efforts.

Social Media

Boost your online presence and develop communities that support your work with professional social media management, targeted Facebook ads, curated posts, content and engagement, and content from now through your release. Not only will a well-established social media presence drive traffic to your current project, it will help you generate lifelong fans who follow your work your whole career.

Production Consultation

With over thirty years production experience, we advise on film productions at every stage of the process, from development to fundraising to post-production. We’ll help with scheduling, shooting methodology, budget review and creation, hiring crew, creating feedback screenings, and more.

Our Work

Our Team

Jon Reiss

Jon Reiss is a filmmaker, author and media strategist who founded Hybrid Cinema in 2010 to help filmmakers, film organizations and companies navigate the ever changing world of film distribution and marketing.

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Jessica Fuselier

Jessica Fuselier is a PMD for Hybrid Cinema living in Los Angeles with a diverse background in non-profit work, technology and community outreach. She has worked for non-profits ranging from refugee support to alternative to incarceration programs, has helped pioneer community outreach programs on film sets in Texas and Oklahoma, spent four years as a coder in the Austin start up scene, and is now working to bridge her passions together while helping films find and target their audience.

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Charles Rice

Charles Rice – Rice, a native Texan and graduate (with honors) from Texas Christian University, brings an extensive background in both the entertainment industry and social media marketing to the Hybrid Cinema team. He is currently their Social Media Director.

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Liz Ogilvie

With over 15+ years experience working in the independent marketing and distribution space, Liz Ogilvie’s focus is on brand partner and community outreach, marketing strategy for traditional and hybrid exhibition releases including digital outreach.

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For General Inquiries Contact: asst@hybridcinema.com