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“I can’t say enough about how instrumental Hybrid Cinema was not only launching our new non-profit but in helping us run our first campaign to protect the organic label.  We had six weeks to do both – and Jon was never flustered, constantly patient and rock solid. I was impressed how his film marketing skills translated to the world of non-profits. Hybrid got our website up in a week and arranged the filming of all our rallies around the county, creating two crucial videos for us.  He is both a brilliant strategist and intensely practical – I don’t know if we could have accomplished what we did without his guidance.”    Lisa Stokke Founder/Executive Director

Hybrid Cinema helped launch as well as their first campaign Protect Organic to advocate to protect the organic label. Hybrid created the website for and supervised the filming of all rallies and created a compelling video to explain this complex issue. The campaign garnered over 100,000 petition signatures Go to