The Light of the Moon

THE LIGHT OF THE MOON depicts the life of a young and successful Latina architect, who is sexually assaulted while walking home from an evening out with friends in Brooklyn. At first, she attempts to keep the assault a secret from her long-term boyfriend Matt, but the truth quickly emerges. She fights to regain normalcy and control of her life, but returning to her old life is more complicated than expected. Hybrid Cinema was brought on board to take over the social media campaign for THE LIGHT OF THE MOON after its theatrical release with an eye to the VOD launch. The filmmakers wanted more engagement, a larger male demographic, and an expansion on the female demographic. More importantly the filmmakers wanted to create a conversation around the film's message which is to create a conversation between men and women of sexual assault. With no ad budget at the start of the campaign Hybrid created opportunities for organic growth through a variety of tactics including launching Facebook and Instagram Lives with the cast, key crew, sexual assault advocates, and influencers. Women and men began to ask questions and share their own experiences and tag friends which broaded a wider dialogue. By creating a sense of community around the film, Hybrid Cinema was able to generate a higher level of engagement and visibibility for the film.